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About Visualead

Visualead (视觉码) creates better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation. Visualead’s Secure O2O solutions enable enterprises to connect with their customers Offline and Online in a secure and effective way using our patented Visual QR Code technology and patent-pending Dotless Visual Codes. Visualead's technology turns any image, logo, profile picture, animation, and even video into an engaging visual code, increasing consumer interaction with brands. We provide scan-based connectivity solutions for product packaging and anti-counterfeiting, mobile payments, mobile coupons, social networking, mobile ticketing, login and authentication. Visualead is an Israeli startup with over 500,000 businesses using its platform to create Visual Codes and mobile campaigns. Visualead won 1st place in China’s prestigious Global Mobile Internet Conference startup competition in 2013 and in January 2015 became the 1st Israeli startup to secure an investment from Alibaba Group.

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Visualead Logo and Screenshots



Logo Square – High-Resolution
Logo – High-Resolution Screenshots


Visual QR Code Types & Actions

Visual QR Code Gallery

Visualead Widget GUI

Visualead Dashboard

Visual QR Code Analytics

Mobile App - Visual QR Code – Visualead 

Visualead App Splash Screen

Visualead App Select Face Image

Visualead App QR Code Action

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Brand colors






R 84 G 84 B 84



R 231 G 30 B 128



R 29 G 170 B 226



R 250 G 230 B 21





Secure O2O Video - Saving Agent Wang



Promotional Video – Why use Visual QR Codes? (Meet Sam)


Video Visual QR Codes



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Customer’s Videos using Visualead’s technology




Customer Examples


Customer Case Studies


Scan or click the Visual QR Code below to download our customer case studies:

Coca Cola: Animation QR Code at Mobile Asia Expo

Coca Cola Case Study

Renren: Animation QR Code Connect via API on SNS application

Renrem Case Study

DeNA: Visual QR Codes on a Game Conference Booth and Catalogue

DeNA Case Study

NY Daily: Visual QR Codes from Printed Newspaper to Digital Assets

NY Daily Case Study



Live Feed


Click here for a Live Feed of Visual QR Codes created by Visualead’s customers.



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Other Examples