Visualead Launches Dotless Visual Code Technology

Visualead's Technology Powers Alibaba Group's New Product Engagement and Anti-counterfeiting Platfor

HANGZHOU, May 18, 2015Visualead, an Israeli startup and pioneer of Visual QR Code technology, revealed today its new standard for O2O (Offline to Online) -- Dotless Visual Codes, designed to provide superior connectivity experiences for Offline to Online transactions. The new codes resemble QR Codes in their distinct square markers, which intuitively inform consumers that the codes should be scanned with a mobile device. However, as opposed to monochrome QR Codes, Dotless Visual Codes are designed to embed a colorful image, logo, or a visual call to action on 90% of the code's surface, making them far more visually appealing and engaging to consumers. The new standard also utilizes multiple information security and computer vision methods that make Dotless Visual Codes more secure than regular QR Codes.


The new Dotless Visual Codes were debuted today as part of an event organized by Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) to launch its "Blue Stars" platform for product engagement and anti-counterfeiting. Alibaba’s new platform, for which Visualead is a leading technology partner, enables product manufacturers to print labels with unique codes for each individual product package. When consumers scan the Blue Stars codes with Alibaba Group’s Mobile Taobao application they receive information about the specific product, such as feedback on the authenticity of the product they are holding or targeted online promotions directly from the product brand. Leading brands, such as L’Oréal and Ferrero, have created millions of unique Dotless Visual Codes for their product packages sold in China.

"Alibaba Group is dedicated to providing our community of merchants with innovative solutions to help them grow in today’s mobile era. We are happy to work together with Visualead to introduce its new Dotless Visual Codes standard to our merchants as an important part of our Blue Stars platform,” said Zhang Kuo, director of Alibaba Group's mobile business division.

Dotless Visual Codes are part of Visualead's new "Secure O2O" offering, which enables enterprises to connect with their customers Offline and Online in a secure and effective way. The new codes use Visualead's patent-pending technology and require a secure scanner application to scan the codes. Alibaba's popular Mobile Taobao application, the #1 e-commerce app in China, has already integrated Visualead's secure scanner SDK. Visualead's Secure O2O connectivity solutions are applicable not only for product packaging and anti-counterfeiting, but also for social networks, website login and authentication, mobile payments, mobile coupons, and mobile ticketing.

"Visualead is leading the O2O technology market since its foundation in 2012, introducing innovative technology standards such as our patented Visual QR Codes, Animation QR Codes and Video QR codes," said Nevo Alva, co-founder and CEO of Visualead. "Our Secure O2O offering answers a growing market demand by leading enterprises worldwide for secure solutions to power Offline to Online transactions on smartphone devices. The new Dotless Visual Code standard, which is based on our team's deep expertise in computer vision, machine learning and O2O user experience, answers the enterprise's need for security while increasing consumer engagement with the brand. "

Visualead's Secure O2O offering, including the new Dotless Visual Codes, is demonstrated in a new video the company released. You can watch the video on YouTube:



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About Visualead

Visualead (视觉码) creates better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation. Visualead’s Secure O2O solutions enable enterprises to connect with their customers Offline and Online in a secure and effective way using our patented Visual QR Code technology and patent-pending Dotless Visual Codes. Visualead's technology turns any image, logo, profile picture, animation, and even video into an engaging visual code, increasing consumer interaction with brands. We provide scan-based connectivity solutions for product packaging and anti-counterfeiting, mobile payments, mobile coupons, social networking, mobile ticketing, login and authentication. Visualead is an Israeli startup with over 500,000 businesses using its platform to create Visual Codes and mobile campaigns. Visualead won 1st place in China’s prestigious Global Mobile Internet Conference startup competition in 2013 and in January 2015 became the 1st Israeli startup to secure an investment from Alibaba Group.

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